Play for free, evolve in NFT and win money

Play online
and win in real life


With SweetClash and your victories, you can get golden rabbits, opals, improve your characters and spells. Check our video below to understand how it works, then click on the right picture to go to and understand how this game will change the e-sport for ever.

Your characters

  • Afro Robot
  • Bluepop
  • Bubblebear
  • Candragon
  • CandyBee
  • Candydre
  • Coockik
  • Crazy Cow
  • Crokansak
  • Gronours
  • Gumnbear
  • Kiki
  • Maxximus
  • Motank
  • Mummdy
  • Popsy
  • Rainbow
  • Schmallov
  • Starflex
  • Stella
  • Stilou
  • Tooflex
  • Ultraloon
  • Wormy


How to play?

Our Game is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in a Sweet Universe. The game will be launched with a limited number of different cards with 7 rarities per card. The Beta Test will start with 24 Cards Troops and 6 Cards Spells. Click below and read about the rules

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